Travel Info.
Travel Info.

1A Travel Arrangements - Performers

All participants to PANAFEST are expected to make their own travel arrangements to Ghana. Special arrangements will be made for certain categories of participants and those participants will be specifically informed.

Reasonable flight fares on Official Airlines will also be organized to Ghana. Participants should contact the PANAFEST Secretariat for details. These arrangements should be made immediately. On arrival in Ghana, coaches will be provided to transport official participants (so informed and arranged with) to the venues of the festival under the internal transportation package. 

Other participants must make their own internal travel arrangements either on their own or through their travel or tour agent. The PANAFEST Secretariat will also assist in referrals to officially registered PANAFEST Tour Operators and Hotels.

1B Travel Arrangements - Visitors/Guests

The Official PANAFEST Carrier will announce special Discount Fares for all Participants flying from Washington and Baltimore or New York to PANAFEST. Details will be posted here when they are available.

2. Visas And Entry Permits

Some foreign nationals require visas to enter Ghana. Visas can be obtained from Ghanaian Consulates and Diplomatic Missions in the respective countries of participants. Should there be no Consulate or Diplomatic Mission accredited to your country, the PANAFEST Secretariat should be contacted for advice.

3. Accommodation

All PANAFEST participants will be responsible for their own accommodations. The Secretariat recommends that each participant contact an official registered PANAFEST Tour Operator or Agent to make arrangements. There will also be shared hostel facilities on the Campus of the University of Cape Coast at The PANAFEST Village.

Accommodation at the Village are limited and costs between US$30-50.00 per participant. There will also be single and double room accommodation in recommended hotels in Cape Coast, Elmina, Accra and surrounding cities for prices ranging between US$30 - US$190 + according to taste. These rates are subject to change as we approach PANAFEST 2019.

Limited Home Lodges are also available for those interested in living with a Ghanaian Family for a moderate fee during their stay. Recommended accommodations at the PANAFEST Village and in Home Lodging are limited and must be pre-arranged through the PANAFEST Secretariat. Participants may also wish to make their own accommodation arrangements through their tour or travel agent.

4. Catering Services

Catering will be provided by designated and recommended restaurants during the festival period. The cost of breakfast is between US$3-5, lunch & dinner ranges from US$5-9.00. The prices vary according to order and venue. Some hotels have breakfast included in their room prices. Meals in hotels are priced according to what is ordered.

5. Health

Participants should obtain a valid Medical Certificate showing vaccination against Yellow Fever. It is also advised that medical precautions in the form of prophylaxes are taken against malaria prior to arrival in Ghana. Good medical facilities are found in all major towns and cities. Cape Coast has a newly constructed state-of-the-art Medical Center - The Central Regional Hospital. There are also district hospitals manned by well qualified personnel trained locally and overseas. Participants are advised to carry sufficient quantities of any prescription drugs they need to take.

6. Insurance Cover

Participants are urged to take out insurance coverage for the festival period. Please contact the PANAFEST Secretariat for further information.

7. Language

Performances can be in any language. It should be noted, however, that the majority of local audiences speak & understand English in addition to their indigenous language. For technical reasons, The Forums and Lectures will be in English.

8 Certificates & Awards

All participating groups, individuals, officials, etc, will be given Certificates of Participation. Distinguished participants will receive special PANAFEST 2019 Awards.

9. Registration & Participation

All participants to PANAFEST 2019 must register. Registration should be done on forms provided by the PANAFEST Secretariat or online on this website when they become available. Fees for PANAFEST 2019 will be announced in the future. These fees are nonrefundable and should be transferred in convertible currency to:



P.O. Box 1048, 233 Cape Coast, Ghana

GHANA - West Africa


10. Performances

All groups who wish to perform must be fully sponsored in any of the program events. Sponsorship should include air transport, accommodation and meals.

Notice: There Is A Surcharge For The Use Of All Video Cameras During PANAFEST.

 All Video Camera Users Must Register With The PANAFEST Foundation Secretariat.