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Published on 2018-11-29


Organised by the PANAFEST Foundation in Collaboration with the Ghana Tourism Authority and the Leaders and People of the Central Region of Ghana

Under the Auspices of the Govement of the Republic of Ghana

Date: July 24th to August 2nd 2019

Venue:  Cape Coast, Ghana.



PANAFEST- The Pan African Historical Festival- is a landmark biennial festival which is celebrated in the spirit of “Re-Uniting the African Family: Pan Africanism and the African Renaissance.”  Celebrated since 1992, the festival addresses the most traumatic interruption that ever occurred in the natural evolution of African societies which among other traumas, profoundly eroded the self- confidence and freedom for self- determination of a whole people. The festival consciously makes the most prominent European edifices through which the slave trade was conducted as  sites for confronting the effects of enslavement, purging the pain of Diaspora, acknowledging the residual effects of the trade on the Continent and re-uniting to forge a positive future in the contemporary global environment. Alongside the healing processes, PANAFEST celebrates the strengths and resilience of African culture and achievements of Africans. It is designed to help Africans to reconnect with their strengths.

The 2019 Edition of PANAFEST

While the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade had been in operation since the early 1500s, the first documented arrival of enslaved Africans to the fledgling English colonial America was in 1619. 2019 therefore marks 400 years since this documented and symbolic moment in the long history of African enslavement and subjugation for the building of what is now known as the United States of America. PANAFEST 2019 is being organized as a platform to commemorate the tremendous contributions of Africans to the prosperity of new colonies of England and other European Colonisers of the period and more importantly, to examine the impact of this lengthy period of servitude on Africa and its peoples throughout the world. However, of what worth is the toil and endurance of Africans over the centuries unless we can reach out to each other across the continents and beyond 400 years into a self-directed future? Through a rich array of artistic and cultural expression as well as searching dialogue, the unspoken and unspeakable can be expressed, insights gained, essential awareness raised and pathways conceived. The festival is expected to bring communities of Africans together in the spirit of re-uniting the African Family beyond the distance and time.


The 2019 edition of the festival involves the following flagship activities:PLEASE INSERT CHECK BOXES

      Wreath Laying Ceremony

      Traditional Akwaaba Ceremonies

      Grand Durbar of Leaders and People

      Bazaar/ Expo (trade items)

       Colloquium (A separate call for papers and panels is provided)

      Global African Inteational Concert

      Reverential night/ Pre-Emancipation Vigil

      Emancipation Day Celebration

      Naming and Burial Ceremonies

      Exhibitions (Art, Inventions, Cultural Heritage )

      Performances both intimate and mass (Theatre, Dance, Storytelling, Poetry, Martial Arts, Music, film)

      Practitioners’ Workshops

      African Children’s World (Children’s day camp)

      Tours to significant sites

      Hip hop Conference


Who Can Participate?

Category One

a)     Individuals: Artists, performers, intellectuals (public, academic, religious), activists, entrepreneurs, STEM experts,

b)      Cultural institutions, Govemental Agencies, Religious institutions.

Participants are enjoined to submit proposals for participation in the activities listed. The proposal should include a synopsis of proposed activity (300words) indicating how it fits into the spirit of the standing theme Re-Uniting the African Family: The African Renaissance and/ or the theme for 2019: Beyond 400 Years: Reaching Across Continents into the Future.

 The proposal should also include a brief bio or organizational profile of not more than 500 words. Maximum number of words for synopsis and bio/profile: 800words.

To help give you a great festival experience, please indicate which of the following categories of events or capacities you are proposing to participate in:

      Artist(e)/ speaker/exhibitor (Please underline)

      Practitioners’ Workshop

      Intimate Performance

      Large Scale Concert


      Bazaar/ Expo

      Colloquium (See call for papers)

      Children’s day camp

      Community engagement (participation in livelihood and ceremonial activities)

      Repatriation and burial of ashes of loved ones (request for details)

      More than one type of event/capacity – (Please specify)

Proposals should reach us by 15th November 2018.Feedback on proposals will reach applicants by 11th January 2019

IMPORTANT NOTE: Applicants should kindly note that PANAFEST is unable to provide funding or sponsorship. We shall be happy however to provide letters of endorsement to confirmed participants on request.

Category Two

Category Two participants are our cherished festival participants who would like to confirm their attendance at particular events. Please consult the PANAFEST website and face book pages for regular updates on special requirements for events.

Participation of the General Public

Individuals and groups wishing to attend the festival are very much encouraged to do so

Further Information

For further information, please consult the official festival


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Secretariat:  PANAFEST Executive Secretary

Address: P.O. Box 1048, 233 Cape Coast, Ghana

Tel: +233-0243971762