The Pan African Festival of Arts and Culture (PANAFEST) encourages volunteers from the global community to become involved in helping achieve its goals and objectives. Volunteers contribute their unique talents, skills and knowledge of our Pan-African community, exhibits and programs. PANAFEST’s mission is to establish the truth about the history of Africa and the experience of its people, using the vehicle of African arts and culture. To provide a forum to promote unity between Africans on the continent and in the Diaspora. To affirm the common heritage of African peoples the world over and define Africa’s contribution to world civilization. To encourage regular review of Africa’s development objectives strategies and policies. To mobilize consensus for the formulation and implementation of potential alternative options for development. We accept the services of volunteers with the understanding that such service should first meet the needs of PANAFEST and the community we will serve. Volunteers are accepted based on their qualifications, abilities, suitability to perform work on behalf of PANAFEST and the availability of positions at any given time. Volunteer participation is valued because without volunteers we would not be able to bring this vision to life.
This document is not intended to be a legally binding contract between us, and it may be cancelled at any time by either the volunteer or PANAFEST.


All positions listed are volunteer positions. This means that, if you accept the role, you perform all duties on a voluntary basis and you will not receive remuneration or payment for your work.
Neither PANAFEST or you, the Volunteer, intend any employment or contractual relationship to be created (i.e., you are not an employee, independent contractor or consultant at PANAFEST). If this changes at any time, and there is a possibility that you might undertake paid work for PANAFEST, we will discuss this and document the arrangement in a formal employment contract, contract for services or other arrangement.


PANAFEST values its volunteers, and we will endeavor to provide you with:
• A written position/role description so you understand your role and the tasks you are authorized to perform.
• Respect for your privacy, including keeping your private information confidential.
• A contact person to have the opportunity to ask questions or share feedback (see para. 4 below)
• A recognition for your work and contribution to PANAFEST through various channels.
• Recommendations and References when needed or upon request.


We ask that you:

  • Support PANAFEST’s aims and objectives.
  • Participate in all relevant meetings and work groups as required.
  • Only undertake duties you are authorized to perform and always operate under the direction of the team leaders.
  • Notify the team leader or another member of the team of any issues or situations that may pose a risk to you or others.
  • Behave appropriately and courteously to all leaders, executives, future clients and the public in the course of your role.
  • Use your personal property or equipment in your role.
  • Let us know if you wish to change the nature of your contribution (e.g., hours, role) to PANAFEST at any time.
  • Always comply with the law and be open and honest in your dealings with us and let us know if we can improve our volunteer program and the support that you receive.


Volunteer agrees to keep confidential and not to disclose or make any unauthorized use of any trade secrets or confidential information, knowledge, data or other information of PANAFEST relating to processes, software, know-how, designs, formulas, test data, customer lists, financial or business data, marketing plans and strategies, or other subject matter pertaining to any business of PANAFEST or any of PANAFEST clients, customers, suppliers or affiliates, (collectively referred to herein as "Confidential Information"), which Volunteer may have produced, obtained, learned or otherwise acquired during the course of rendering services to PANAFEST. Volunteer agrees that all Confidential Information will be used for no purpose other than for services provided to PANAFEST under this Agreement. Upon completion of the services or the request of PANAFEST, whichever is earlier, all Confidential Information will be returned to PANAFEST.
All volunteers at PANAFEST agree to transfer all intellectual property rights and interests (including copyright) in any ideas or materials they create relating to their provision of voluntary services at PANAFEST. Volunteers are taken to consent to PANAFEST’s use of such creations in a manner reasonably contemplated by the voluntary services provided under this document. As a volunteer you also agree not to bring any claim for infringement of your moral rights in respect of that use.



(Please find EXHIBIT A at the end of the agreement, the role description and requirements and etc.)

To put you in good standing, we need the following information: (Copy of your Resume/CV, A Headshot, email and phone number and a signed copy of this agreement). 


  • Administration
  • Communications
  • Marketing
  • Finance
  • Fund Raising
  • Events/Webinars
  • Youth



  • Secretariat Duties
  • Office Duties
  • Support to Boards and Committees


  • Web designer/Web development
  • Public Relations
  • Press Releases
  • Domestic Media Relations
  • International Media Relations
  • Community Relations
  • Government Relations
  • Corporate Relations
  • Traditional/Cultural Relations
  • Crisis Management


  • Content Creation
  • Storyteller
  • Films
  • Social Media
  • Graphic Designer
  • Print and Digital Marketing
  • Brand Event
  • Merchandise
  • Advertising
  • Newsletters


  • Domestic Sales
  • International Sales
  • Advertising sales
  • Corporate Sales
  • Online Sales


  • Fundraising events.
  • Gala
  • Grant writing
  • Scholarships

EVENTS (Webinars, Conferences, Festivals)

  • Logistics (technical) crew
  • Logistics ( coordination) crew
  • Security
  • Front of office


  • Student Organizations
  • Competitions
  • Webinars
  • Events

Please ensure that you have read and understood the Volunteer Agreement.


Your contact person at the PANAFEST Secretariat will be:

Gilbert Kobina Bouhairie,
Director of Operations,
Tel: +233 50 452 1181,
Email: kbouhairie@panafestgh.org or Kbouhairie@panafestghana.org or info@panafestghana.org.

If you have any questions or concerns about the PANAFEST volunteer program, please reach out as soon as possible.